Resume Cover Letter – 7 Successful Tips

Say cover letter, and 99 out of 100 people will think about resume letters. Well, actually, there are two types of cover letters-document cover letters and resume cover letters. A document cover letter is normally a one or two page letter, which may be attached to any other document like a report or a manual. It contains a brief description of the attached document, its purpose, its recipient and any action that the recipient has to take on receiving it.

Similarly, the resume cover letter is normally a one page document attached to the resume. It introduces you to the reader, explains why you are writing the letter and contains a brief summary of your skills and strengths. A good cover letter should sufficiently arouse the interest of the reader and get him or her to read the resume.

A good cover letter should have the following qualities-

Do your Homework

Back up your cover letter with quality research. Don’t address it to “Dear Concerned” or “Dear HR Manager”. Take the trouble of finding out the name of the concerned HR manager, and address it to his or her name.


Oh yes! Go ahead and KISS! Keep it short and simple. The trick is to summarize all the information and pitch in a single page. Use simple language and crisp sentences. Avoid verbosity. Use bullet points.

Show Your Interest in the Job

Convey you enthusiasm for the job by explaining why you would like to work for the company. List you achievements, and show how they will help you in this job.

Show How You are Suitable to the Job

Align your skills and abilities to the job description. Use sentences which convey your sense of purpose and achievement. Show to the employer how your skills and abilities are suitable for this job and for the organization.

Use the Suitable Keywords

Make it easy for the reader to know that you have the skill sets for the position. Use specific titles. Instead of just saying “Familiar with various Accounting Software”, list down the specific software that you know or used.

Summarize Your Skills and Strengths

Make a brief summary of your skills and abilities, even though you have mentioned them in the resume itself. They will be better noticed here. But be brief. Use bullet points.

Assure to Follow Up

Mention in the cover letter that you will be following up. The follow up should be done within the specified period.

Thus, a good resume cover letter acts as an introduction to the resume. It should be brief, yet, it should contain enough to arouse the interest of the reader, and get him or her to read the resume. It should be brief, simple and highlight your interest in the job and indicate that you are indeed the person fit for the position. Follow the above tips to draft a winning cover letter. Wish you all the best!

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